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Avengers X Reader: Surprises Pt.1
Avengers X Reader: Surprises Part: one
"Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me, Haaaaappy Biiiiirthdaaaaay deeaar ______, Haaaappy Biiiirthdaaay tooo meeeee." I sing sadly. I blow out the single candle on my birthday cupcake I made for myself. I cried, the cold wind drying my tears. I didn't eat my cupcake. Instead I walked over to the edge of the building and looked down. The height didn't scare me, it seemed as though nothing scared me any more. I was on Stark Tower. Tony was my 'Uncle', the Avengers were my 'family'. I was thinking of jumping. Everyone thought I was happy, but I was continuously sad, I didn't even know why. My mind flashes back to when I was at the orphanage.
~~~~~~~~~~Flash Back (Flash Back Brought To You By Doctor Who)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I was sitting on my bed while Mindy and her posse abused me verbally, I didn't really care though, I never did. They picked
:iconbladenakomi:BladeNakomi 466 73
Draw Mistriss Again Meme by MistrissTheHedgehog Draw Mistriss Again Meme :iconmistrissthehedgehog:MistrissTheHedgehog 9 17 Happy 4th Anniversary to Me, Mistriss the Hedgehog by MistrissTheHedgehog Happy 4th Anniversary to Me, Mistriss the Hedgehog :iconmistrissthehedgehog:MistrissTheHedgehog 11 9
Avengers x reader Sleepover! Pt. 11
/Avengers x Reader Sleepover! Pt. 11
"Messy twister? OMG, that's the best idea ever! I'll go get what we need!" Tony said as he darted out of the room to gather the supplies.
"Can you explain the rules?" Steve asked (y/n) politely.
"It's easy! All of you know how to play twister right?" Everyone nodded yes, "well it's exactly like playing normal twister except there are lumps of paint on the spots!" (y/n) explained happily. Everyone had quizzical looks.
"Wait a second. So not only do we have to play this game in bikinis and speedos, we also have to get covered in paint and no doubt slip everywhere?" Natasha said.
"Huh. When you put it like that...yes!!! How fun is this gonna be." (y/n) exclaimed.
"Not fun." Loki pouted. Moments later Tony walked into the room with four bottles of paint and the twister set. (y/n) helped him lay the mat out on the ground and put a lump of paint on each dot. Everyone looked at there masterpiece.
"So who's spinning."  (y/n) asked as she clapped her ha
:iconsapphirebdawg:sapphirebDAWG 326 216
Avengers x Reader Sleepover! Pt.10
Avengers x Reader Sleepover!  pt. 10
"I'm sick of waiting for people! We've waited for different people countless times tonight! I'm sick of it!" Natasha complained her patience growing thin.
"Sorry about that Tasha." (Y/n) apologised as she re entered the room with a grumpy looking Thor and Loki. The two refused to make eye contact no mater how hard (Y/n) glared at them.
"What's wrong with them?" Bruce asked.
"Don't even get me started but I can assure you these two numbskulls will be getting along for the rest of the night." She replied through gritted teeth.
"You three are all clearly in a bad mood with each other." Clint pointed out.
"Let's just leave it and play whatever game we're going to play next." (Y/n) suggested everyone nodded.
Once the rules were explained and the tagger, who happened to be Bucky, was chosen everyone was ready to play flash light tag.
"Wait one more thing! Let's spice it up again!" Tony suggested. Everyone sighed in discontent. "You can't just tag som
:iconsapphirebdawg:sapphirebDAWG 253 202
Avengers X Daughter!Reader ~ Christmas
"Daddy!!" Your voice echos through the tower. Bruce looks up from his book.
"Your dad's aren't here. You've been left in our custody."
"But uncle Bruce!! I'm 15! I don't need to be babysat!"
"Well, your fathers have decided that you need to be 'babysat'." Thor chimes in. You sigh and sit down on the couch.
"But it's Christmas Eve!! They promised they would be here today! Where are they?!"
"They're out doing some last minute shopping." Fury answers, stepping out of the elevator with Coulson close behind. You run up to them and hug them.
"Uncle Nick! Uncle Phil! Long time no see!" They laugh a little and hug you.
"Yeah it has. How've you been, kiddo?" Coulson asks, ruffling your hair.
"Well, I've been better." You reply, sadly, returning to the couch. Everyone looks up at you.
"What do you mean?" Fury asks, sitting down next to you.
"My dad's are never home! They're always out on missions, or re-vamping their's like they don't have time for me anymore."
"(Name), do you real
:iconavengers-x-readers-6:Avengers-X-Readers-6 122 14
Loki x Reader x Thor. Who's da better kisser?
LokixReaderxThor who's da better kisser?!?! One shot.
It was a regular day on Asgard. Peaceful and quiet. You were sitting in your chambers reading one of the history books enjoying the silence while it lasted. You wished it would always be this quiet.
Too bad it didn't last.
Suddenly your chamber doors slammed open and in came Thor and Loki. Looking like they had just been dragged through a ditch.
"(Y/n)!" Loki yelled. "Do tell my brother that I am by FAR the more handsome prince!" He folded his arms and half smirked half glared at Thor. You rolled your eyes.
"Asgardians." You said shaking your head. You weren't from Asgard. Your original home was Vanaheim. But you came to live on Asgard when your friend Hogan had. You immediately befriended the princes, Sif, and the other members of the three.
"(Y/n), do tell my brother that he is sadly mistaken and that I am CLEARLY the better looking prince." Thor retaliated. He gave Loki the same look he was giving him moments ago.
"Why do you bot
:iconsapphirebdawg:sapphirebDAWG 491 130
Land, Sea and Sky by MistrissTheHedgehog Land, Sea and Sky :iconmistrissthehedgehog:MistrissTheHedgehog 10 5
How Could You?... -Pietro X Reader
“how could you, Pietro?” (Y/n) whispered as tears rolled down her cheeks.
“Reanna came back, she just arrived broken and in tears I had to help her and I kinda lost it and one thing led to another.” He explained, tears also came out of his eyes. He came forward to hold her but instead of melting at his touch as she usually did, she felt nothing but coldness and flinched away.
“Don’t touch me.” She growled.
“(Y/n) don’t do this.” He begged, his hands shaking.
“Please, get away from me!” She mumbled, backing into the wall and she fell down, as tortured sobs left her mouth. Every sound she made hurt Pietro beyond belief. His heartbreak took over and he punched the wall, creating a massive hole and splitting his knuckles.
“Please don’t do this,” He asked again, his voice only a whisper, “I need you.” he hit the wall again. His hand was bruised and bleeding, but his only pain was over what
:iconchianabrogan:ChianaBrogan 249 15
Robin/Dick GraysonxReader: Protect
You sighed as you wrapped the bandage around the muscular arm. There was a long gash from the shoulder to the elbow. Thankfully it wasn't deep enough to damage any muscles, but it is still a nasty looking wound. "This is a really bad cut Dick."
"Penguin just got a lucky swing." The young man sitting on the couch next to you answered. His short black hair just brushed over his brow as his ice blue eyes watched you wrap the wound. "We still got him in the end."
"That's not the point, Dick." You ripped the end of the bandage and tied it around his arm. "You should be more careful. Bruce told you not to rush in. He and I were both there too. We could have easily taken Penguin and his men."
"You're starting to sound like Bruce." He mumbled under his breath.
You growled lightly as you stood up. "Maybe because we worry about you, you idiot." You storming out of the room, not bothering to look back to see what Dick's reaction was. How could he be so stubborn? Why couldn't he understand that yo
:icon13youko:13Youko 590 109
Batman X The Reader Part:8
After the party you had gone up to your room and started to get ready for bed. You mind was in a rush, all because you had been kissed by the famous Bruce Wayne. After all  he cared for you, which was more then you could say about most people. You grab some grey and black checkered pj bottoms and a maroon colored sweater to change into. After that you took the braid out of you hair you heard a knock on your door. You opened it to find Bruce smiling at you, "Hey what are you doing here?" You asked thinking about the kiss again.
"I want to show you something, that is if your not occupied." He said seeing how you were in your pj's.
"Sure what do you want to show me?" you said as you walked into the hallway.
"Well I realized you never got a proper tour of the Bat-Cave." Bruce said.
"No I don't believe I have." You said with a smile.
"So (y/n) are you up for it?" Bruce asked seeing the excitement in your eyes.
"You bet I am!" You say. Bruce just chuckled at you and offered you his hand
:iconilovetmi101:ILOVETMI101 128 10
Batman X The Reader Part:1
"Shit it's freezing out here!" you mutter under your breath as you make your way down the road. You were wearing ripped jeans a cut off shirt and some worn out sneakers, it was all you had from living off on the streets. And wearing these clothes in the freezing rain was not the smartest idea but what could you do about it you had no home, no money and no one who cared about you. "There's got to be some place out here I can stay dry." you say as you move your wet (h/l) (h/c) hair out of your face. It was after this you noticed a bright light in front of you on the road. You didn't had time to react you became in shock and this caused you to faint.
"Is she ok Alfred?" Bruce had asked his butler.
"She's alright master Wayne, just passed out from shock." Alfred answered, "Should we take her to the hospital master Wayne?" He asked.
"By the look of her I say it wouldn't be the best she was probably trying to avoid the city if she's all the way out here." Bruce said.
"Are you saying we shoul
:iconilovetmi101:ILOVETMI101 262 20
Winx or Witch? by Err-em Winx or Witch? :iconerr-em:Err-em 28 7
Unconventionally Ours (Tony Stark X Reader)
(Name)’s relationship with Tony had always been quite different from the stereotypical power couples that frequented the streets of Manhattan. No, they were not your run of the mill famous yet secretive couple either. Nor were they the spontaneous and attention catching couple. They were just Tony and (Name) who over time became Tony and (Name).
It wasn’t that their relationship was unhealthy per say, and it was anything but abusive, maybe a little unconventional was the right word. To someone looking in from the outside, it’d seem like the gender roles were really switched up because, well, they were.
It wasn’t like (Name) was demanding that she be ‘Alpha’ of the relationship, but it just worked better for her to be a bit more...controlling? No. In charge? Nope. Responsible? Maybe.
There really was no way to explain it in a way anyone would understand. It’d have to be something that they’d have to experience to get a handle
:iconeternal-violet-void:Eternal-Violet-Void 288 66



"Tony!" Trinity screamed in warning as a Chitari attacked him from behind while Tony was occupied. Angel spun around on her heel and threw a carefully aimed ice dagger into the Chitari's throat before smirking. "You owe me again Stark." She called before flipping over Steve and taking out another alien. "Thank you." He smirked before and a Chitari took Angel off guard and smashed her to the ground. "Fuck." Angel grunted as she hit the ground painfully. Lucky for her, Trinity smiled as Clint was sidetracked before she took an arrow from his bow and shot the Chitari towering over Angel. Then she pulled him in close and kissed him passionately before pushing him away again; continuing to shoot like nothing had happened. Clint looked at Trinity with wide eyes before slowly smirking while he continued to shoot Chitari. Angel, meanwhile, had fought her way to Stark Tower...and to Loki, a death glare pointed in his direction. "Clint you okay?" Natasha, aka Black Widow asked with a smug grin. "Is Trinity a good kisser?" She teased before she dodged behind a flipped over car. "I'd say a damn good one." Clint grinned back before shooting a Chitari in the face.

Angel had managed to grab Loki in a headlock and now punched him in the face repeatedly before he managed to throw her off him. Trinity blushed as she shoot a Chitari straight through the eye without even looking. "I heard that Clint," She giggled as Natasha laughed, listening to the two's conversation. "Angel play nice!" Trinity snapped suddenly with a growl, communicating through the magic bond Angel had opened during the battle.

"Not now Trinity!" Angel screamed as she narrowly dodged one of Loki's daggers. Clint smiled as Trinity grabbed one of his exploding arrows and shot at Loki, skimming his arm and causing an explosion that blasted the two battling beings away from each other. "I'm going to have to kill you Loki!" She screamed as Natasha growled. "She really does love you Clint. Don't let her go." And then suddenly Trinity slipped off the side of the tower. She had a thought run through her blank mind. "I'm going to fall and die." But that was interrupted by a pair of strong arms wrapped around her waist, pulling her back up and into her savior's chest. "You okay?" Clint asked as he put her down gently on the rooftop. She nodded before they continued the crazy battle.


Everyone watched in awe as Tony flew a giant missile into the portal while Angel threw Thor Loki's scepter who in turn threw it to Natasha. Then Tony falls as Nat closes the portal, not slowing down. "Fucking Clint. I'm going to rip your liver out." Angel growled before she spotted Tony falling. She abandoned her beat down on Loki and slid on ice down to where the other Avengers were gathered. "He's not slowing down." Thor stated as he started to spin his hammer. Suddenly Hulk beat him to the punch and caught Tony before lowering him onto the ground. Clint glanced at Angel then at Trinity, who was now sleeping. Picking her up bridle style, she latched onto his shirt and he kissed her on the head lightly. Angel rolled her eyes at the two before taking a knee next to Tony. "I'll break your legs if you break her heart." She warned before turning her attention to Stark. "Tony. Tony damn it! Tony wake up!" She started to cry slightly, her voice cracking as she slapped him and shook him lightly. tony pulled angel down and kissed her "hey doll face," he said as Phil looked around for trinity "were is my little girl i am going to kill you stark if you do not tell me where trinity is!" he said putting him onto his feet seeing Clint holding trinity in his arms haveing a night mare. "LOKI!!" Phil screamed as he looked at Trinity call for him. Phil took trinity from clint and rocked her holding her protectively to his chest humming a lullaby. trinity grabbed onto Phil's tie and held it to her chest. "mine," she said in her sleep with a sniffle "you love her you love her," Natasha teased. Clint looked at trinity and kissed her lips gently as she started to drool on Phil's shirt.  




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